Corporate Nutrition

We offer seminars, work place resources, cooking demonstrations and menu assessments suited for your work place to promote healthy work places. Seminars are designed for a span of 1 hour and provide latest research in nutrition so you know your staff is getting the recent scoop on nutrition. All seminars are interactive and delivered by accredited dietitians and nutritionist and are aimed at improving quality of life of your employees. It also provides opportunities for your employees to clarify, question and learn new nutrition content for betterment of their lives. At the end of each session, participants will receive take home information so they can refer back to the content and apply what they have learned both at home and in the workplace.
We can also do menu assessments for your staff café or canteen to make your café or canteen a healthier food outlet. These assessments are based on the current Australian Dietary Guidelines.
We are able to design seminar topics, resources, cooking demonstrations and taste testing to best suit your needs. Some of the popular workplace seminars are on label reading, healthy eating 101 and eating on a budget.
If you need more information please contact our Canberra Dietitian and Nutritionist.