Tips to enjoy a guilt free festive season


by Dinethri Ramasundara APD AN
Weather is getting warmer, Christmas trees and lights are illuminating our homes spreading the Christmas cheer. Do you worry about weight gain holding you back from enjoying the holiday season? All food can fit into a healthy diet so don’t be afraid to enjoy a variety this festive season with your loved ones.
Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of this festive season:
1. Trying to lose weight during the festive season may not be an ideal goal as you may be setting yourself up to fail. Instead focus on maintaining your current weight.
2. Plan your meals, have regular small healthy meals through out the day.
3. Try having a healthy snack such as fruits, vegetables, low fat yoghurt or nuts before you leave home to prevent over-eating at the parties.
4. If you are preparing a dish to take, prepare healthy options like salads, vegetable sticks and dips, fruit salad and fruit kebabs.
5. During the event choose smaller food portions and drink plenty of water.
6. Choose a smaller plate to help control portions.
7. If you are craving or tempted by high-energy food like cake, pudding, dessert, pastry and deep fried food, keep the portion size small.
8. Choose water over alcohol, punch, soft drinks and fruit juice. If you are consuming alcohol, keep yourself hydrated by having water.
9. Take the conversation away from the food buffet/table. Standing closer to the food table may encourage over indulgence.
10. Do more physical activity to balance out the excess energy. Increasing your incidental activity like walking, cleaning, dancing and participate in physical activity at events such as playing a sport would be a fun way to burn some of those excess kilojoules.

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