Snack attack!

by Nicole Carey APD AN
It’s 3pm in the afternoon and you find yourself rather peckish, whether this is because you didn’t eat enough for lunch or perhaps you’re bored and looking for something to do. Does this sound like you?
In order to keep our metabolism happily ticking over and burning fuel for energy we need to eat every 3-4 hours. By doing so we are providing our bodies with a constant supply of blood glucose, our brains preferred source of energy but also what our cells and tissues require to function efficiently.
Now I know what you’d all prefer to eat as a snack between meals, something sweet, fatty and most of all tasty like chocolate, cake, cookies and chips. Although these foods gives us an instant “pick me up”, unfortunately you’ll soon find that your energy levels plummet soon after.
Snacks can of course be healthy and by being smart you can help curb your hunger, reduce the amount you eat at main meals and most importantly give your body the fuel to go, go, go!
Here are my top tips:

Nicole is a clinical dietitian at the Canberra Hospital and is an accredited practising dietitian. She is an exercise fanatic who loves good food and nutrition.