How to keep the winter weight off

by Megan Andrews
As the months are colder at the moment it is easy to want to stay indoors and eat scrumptious, hot foods. It is easy to gain weight and think “oh I’ll just lose it when it comes to summer”. However this is the season not to put on the winter kilos because if you gain it you have to lose it again. I have a few tips for you to aid in not gaining weight during the cold months.

This is an easy way of bulking up recipes with adding nutrients and not energy. This will increase the nutrients such as fibre and vitamin C and decrease the energy content. These vegetables include carrots, celery, and capsicum.  These also make for hearty recipes.

Being indoors at home can inspire you to cook more! Especially using slow cooking methods which use no added fat. It is time to experiment.

Snack on foods such as low fat custard and yoghurt, fruit, crackers with cottage cheese or a handful of nuts.

A small full cream latte can provide up to 633 kJ without sugar added. This is an easy way of consuming kilojoules without eating food. Have a cup of tea or a long black coffee with a dash of milk instead.

Whether it is joining a gym for the winter months, taking a walk at lunchtime instead of mornings or evenings or start a lunchtime walking group, also try something completely new like a boxing class because it is indoors. Exercise is key to keeping the weight off and providing many more benefits other than weight maintenance.
These are just some tips. Share them with your friends and family. Remember winter is not the time for hibernation but the time for exploration!