Food safety for summer

by Dinethri Ramasundara APD AN
Summer is just around the corner and outdoor activities like BBQ’s, picnics, sporting events are definitely on the cards for everyone. I thought some important pointers on food safety would be of help to prevent food poisoning and food contamination when cooking outdoors and dealing with fresh produce for those meet and greets.
Warmer weather exposes foods to temperatures between 5 and 60 degrees, enabling bacteria grow more easily. Pets, dust, insects, poor food preparation, cooking and storage practices can also increase the risk of food poisoning.
Foods that have a higher risk of contamination are; raw and cooked meats, dairy, poultry, seafood, pre-made salads, fruit salads and ready to eat foods.
Food poisoning is no joke it can be life threatening for people of all ages especially those who are young children, pregnant, elderly or suffering from chronic diseases.
Good food safety practices
All year around:

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On a last note, enjoy the great outdoors, be active, and make your plate colorful with fresh and safely prepared food!